November 26th, 2002

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Went out for really good Indian buffet for lunch with my husband yesterday -- we were supposed to be meeting to check out a book fair his company was having, but he ended up checking it out in the morning and we ended up scouting the really wonderful used bookstore around the corner from the Indian restaurant instead. Lunch dates without kids are very good things.

There's not nearly enough Sean Bean in Troubles, but despite being slow-moving in places, it was really interesting. Majestic Hotel as British Empire, slowly eroded by staying in Ireland. Not sure about all the symbolism with the sheep's heads and cat parasites and dying or sullied women but I think that perhaps I shall not think too deeply about it. I'm trying to save my remaining Sharpe episodes for when I'm in cinema withdrawal in January, since December offers a feast every weekend. Is it worth sitting through Scarlett (can't even stand the classic source material) just to see Beanie?

Gotta track down the Smallville comic book tomorrow. luxluvsclark says that, well, Lex loves Clark, in an angsty, hopeless way, and I could use a good angst fix.