December 1st, 2002

little review

Poem for Sunday and Road to Hell

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The above excerpt is in honor of cinzia and viva_gloria, my future cellmates in Hell.

Y'all know I wrote this little innocent *snerk* piece of Prophecy fic, "Blasphemy", right? cinzia was my beta reader.

Now viva_gloria has posted "Morningstar" -- please read the warnings before you read the story -- which made me hyperventilate, bang my head on the keyboard and commit various other sins of self-abuse. Under normal circumstances I would not admit to reading RPS, let alone link to it. But clearly I have been corrupted by forces of evil far beyond my own powers.

And funny thing -- cinzia was viva_gloria's beta reader too.

I still haven't met the Devil, but I'm starting to think I know one of his minions awfully well. Cinz, I love you beyond all reason.