December 8th, 2002

little review

Poem for Sunday and Viggo on Charlie Rose

I woke up in a Simon and Garfunkel mood. Sometimes this happens to me. Next to Bob Dylan, Paul Simon is the most obvious choice for songwriter-who's-really-a-poet anyway. "The Mississippi delta was shining like a National Guitar" is one of my favorite descriptive phrases in all of American literature.

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Here's Viggo on Charlie Rose. Viggo really needs to do more talk shows...

"And there's no questions really being asked, at large, right now, about what we're doing, whereas in The Two Towers, you have different races, nations, cultures coming together, examining their conscience and unifying against the very real and terrifying enemy...that it's considered some kind of fifth column thinking, that it's treasonous, and that, you know, those attacks are used as an excuse to limit civil liberties in this country."

Also, I am in love with savageseraph's Aragorn/Boromir. Like this one. And this one.

Even if I don't end up with Aragorn, I rock. Gacked from neffable:

What Lord of the Rings Female are you?

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