December 13th, 2002

little review

Poem for the Weekend

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Waah! It's Friday the 13th! And a stripey gray kitten just crossed my path, meowing...should I worry? Nah...

The two Washington Post reviews of Nemesis were so brutal that I was howling aloud as I read them. Now, I had already skimmed the novelization, which sucked, but I thought maybe it was just that J.M. Dillard can't write for shit. Now I suspect it's the screenplay itself that sucks. Maybe I'll go see Equilibrium after all -- Ebert liked that a lot better, and it has Sean Bean reading Yeats.

Speaking of whom, from The Compleat Sean Bean...a holiday card from the Macbeths!

Here's Viggo in Flaunt. I'm sure everyone has seen these already. I just love them.

Swiped from cara_chapel, this hilarious LOTR/Harry Potter crossover with action figures!

I'm meeting divineway and karelian to go to museums and hang out in New York on Saturday, so no updates till Sunday at the earliest. I'm also getting to see my sister and her family, plus one of my best friends from college. Hope everyone has a great weekend!