December 15th, 2002

little review

I'm baaaack...

...and I know I owe about 30 e-mails and 50 bits of fb, so I figured I'd make excuses here. *g*

Went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my husband, divineway and karelian (who said to pass on her apologies for all the e-mail and fb SHE owes). There was an exhibit on Victorian nudes in Brooklyn that had originated at the Tate Gallery in London that I just had to see while it was in the U.S. -- Leighton's "Bath of Psyche," Alma-Tadema's "In the Tepidarium," Waterhouse's "St Eulalia," and many other wonderful Pre-Raphaelite and Neoclassical paintings, plus some sculpture to die for (gotten over the archer yet, Shao?) And, in another gallery, an exhibit of illustrations for The Adventures of Hamza. The Met had an exhibit of Richard Avedon photographs, but my main interest was in seeing the main galleries that I've not visited since 1988 -- the French and Italian paintings, the American landscape art, the Tiffany windows, the Egyptian temple and the Frank Lloyd Wright salon that are reconstructed in the museum.

divineway is the world's most fun person to go to a museum with -- she's smart, she's funny and she has no inhibitions about slashing painters or noticing which portraits look like Methos. She better come down to the Smithsonian soon.

Gotta go catch up on laundry, kids, etc. but I did have to note this:

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

Ooh yeah!