December 23rd, 2002

little review

Poem for Monday

From Tangled Hair
by Yosano Akiko

At the beginning
Of the night the whispering
Snow fell, and now stars
Fill this world below on the
Disheveled hair about my face.

He tempted me to
Come in to say goodbye.
I hesitated to respond
And he brushed my hand away.
But yet--the smell of his clothes
In the soft darkness.

Black hair
Tangled in a thousand strands
Tangled my hair and
Tangled my tangled memories
Of our long nights of lovemaking.

Gacked from juleskicks!

Which Annoying Two Towers Character are You?
By Lisa

Gacked from karelian:

What Lord of the Rings Male and Mood Do You Desire?
brought to you by Quizilla

Actually I like Boromir when he isn't tempted, too. I like him with or without the Ring. I like him with or without his shield. I like him with or without his clothes...

Here's Frank Rich in The New York Times on Trent Lott and the Democrats. Interesting stuff.

And courtesy alisalohv, Dom explains "Trees"!