December 27th, 2002

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Poem for Friday

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Rumor from The Sun that Ian McKellen will play Dumbledore here. Refutation here. Believe what you want!

Parents have offered to babysit tonight. Since we will undoubtedly take the kids to see The Two Towers again sometime next week, must decide whether I am in a Spielberg mood or a Chicago mood.

For the hell of it, watched The Prophecy II last night (ran out of time for Minority Report which was supposed to be my laundry-folding distraction). Knew there would be no Viggo-as-Devil so was not expecting much, and was terribly disappointed to get a different Thomas who died almost immediately (suspect Devil saved him at the last minute but more on that later). Still, worth watching for Christopher Walken, again. With angels like this, who needs demons?
little review

Catch Me If You Can

My husband and I are just back from one of our regular Spielberg double features, in which we go to his latest in the theater and then watch his near-latest on video to see where the great one has grown recently. I must say that, even had this film not had a wonderful performance by DiCaprio, a very witty screenplay, and a clever homage to/send-up of spy caper films of the '60s, I would have had a huge smile on my face from beginning to end because of the sheer, stunning slashiness of it. If anyone had told me four hours ago that I would be slashing a Leo character with a Tom Hanks character, I would have laughed my head off, but I'm not going to get this image out of my head for a good long time. Hell, I'd write fic if I remembered enough of the dialogue. It's wonderful.

This is particularly notable to me because it occurred to me near the end of the movie that the women's roles or lack thereof would be driving me insane, were I focused on them. But I wasn't, because this was so obviously a love story about two men. (Like FOTR. *g*) I must remember to add that to the top of my list of reasons I enjoy slash: not for the porn as Penley says, not for the pain as Bacon-Smith says, but because when women are absent, invisible or utterly irrelevant as they are in the vast majority of popular entertainment, it's a lot more fun to ignore that frustration completely and focus on the homoeroticism that inevitably crops up in such situations.

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My husband's comment upon hearing that Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey plan to get together and release a Who album next year: "They should get together with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. They'll need a bass player and a drummer. They could do 'My Generation' and 'When I'm 64'."

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