December 30th, 2002

little review

Song for Monday

I swear that tomorrow I will have finished my Indian Runner review for GMR and will be able to take a break from obsessing over Viggo. Really. (Shut up, you, you and you.)

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From The Washington Post yesterday: On Tolkien and War.

I cheated a lot to get this because viola_dreamwalk is an old friend with whom I used to work, who taught me to eat sushi, whom I miss a lot since she moved to the west coast:

Which Potterverse OC Are You?

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Saw TTT The Third Time. Still no diminishment, though I understand the frustrations of Faramir fans vis a vis his diminished screen time more each time I see it -- not the characterization, that still works for me because I'm taking the missing scenes for granted, but I really wish we'd get to SEE them.

Then came home and read this courtesy ashinae via karelian. Am most amused. Almost wish Viggo would take a break from discussing politics to discuss getting drunk with Sean and kidnapping Orlando. Suspect this makes me shallow.