January 8th, 2003

little review


Terribly decadent, two matinees in one week...went to Chicago with perkypaduan whom I met in line at Blockbuster waiting to buy the FOTR extended edition, sat before the movie talking too loudly about HPfic and LOTR slash, laughed delightedly through the whole thing especially at how wonderful Catherine Zeta-Jones is -- for some reason I was not expecting that. I always think I don't like her (too much schtick with her and Michael and their publicity whoring) but I have thought she was really good in everything I've ever seen her in, must remember that. Renee was all right but I couldn't help wondering what it would have been like if Nana Visitor had been asked to do her marvelous stage Roxy on film. I suppose she's a decade too old, but she is something else in the role in the theater.

Interesting Thomas Friedman editorial from The New York Times on the impact of 9/11 on Islam...

Slate on technophobia and The Two Towers, not terribly cleverly...

Hilarious link found from cara_chapel that bears repeating: Frodo Has Failed!

And proof that Peter Jackson really has betrayed the True Fans!

Passed on by windsweptaway, Do You Know Your Arse From Your Elbow?

I was supposed to review Enterprise but it was pre-empted for the Maryland basketball game. Quel dommage. Except now I have to review it over the weekend, which is annoying...I hope there's not a new Andromeda.

At least I got to watch The West Wing without being distracted trying to write a plot summary. I still want to know if Aaron Sorkin can be president and George Bush can have a television series...yeah, Sorkin's had past problems with drugs but then so has Dubya. There was a lovely slashy Josh/Leo(/Jed) moment that I am sure will inspire lots of fic...

Gacked from untappedbeauty:

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