January 15th, 2003

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Poem for Wednesday

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Am reading people's violent responses to last night's Smallville with some amusement. Now, I did react violently to Single White Female and in general the psychotic-lesbian genre offends and disgusts me. But I am also a sucker for television producers doing what they think the fans want, even if they're all dorky about it.

So despite how screwed up it is, I get perverse pleasure from Chloe-as-Tina coming on to Lana, just as I would have gotten very great enjoyment had Star Trek Voyager ever once let Janeway and Chakotay make out under the auspices of possession by evil aliens or anything else. No denying that "Visage" was badly written and quite repugnant in the end (and I wish Lex's SFB would fall off a bridge). I still managed to enjoy a few moments.

Rumor is that neither Rowling nor Scholastic is coming after Harry Potter fan fiction sites per se, just NC-17 material that the lawyer-types had brought to their attention. And you know, I don't have a huge problem with them wanting that stuff better hidden so kids don't find it, if that's truly all they're after. I've been saying for a year that I think RPS needs to be better disclaimed and protected somehow from popping up on Google searches when some unsuspecting person types in the names of two actors. What we need is a way to make the index sites widely available but the fics themselves available only to people who have certified that they're old enough to make informed decisions about it, archived in places where those who want it can find it but those who shouldn't see it won't stumble across it. Is that possible?

An interesting Village Voice article on Pee Wee Herman and child pornography...

bri_chan pointed out this very funny parody movie page...

And really, actually, I think I'm a big yellow domestic shorthair like my cat Rosie, but this will do...

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little review

Politics as usual (unfortunately)

So Bush ran Trent Lott out of town to prove that Republicans aren't racists, then decided to butt into the University of Michigan's admissions policy. What a guy.

And they're going to try John Lee Malvo as an adult. Can someone please explain to me how it can possibly be constitutional for a minor deemed legally too young to make decisions about drinking and voting (and, if he were a woman in some states, having an abortion without parental consent) to face the death penalty? Look, I LIVED with the sniper. I know what he did. That doesn't change the fact that he is a TEENAGER.

Rally For Choice!

I'm back from lunch with perkypaduan whom I met at the mall, since it's cold outside and I had to mail packages to certain people. She is a delightfully bad influence when discussing such matters as politics and slash. We had Chinese food. Here is my fortune: "The sun will always shine through your heart, onto your smile, and warm your soul." Sounds convoluted but nice.

And true, because after we raided Borders, Suncoast and the Hallmark store, managing to restrain ourselves from buying anything major, we wandered into KB Toys. And there we beheld a shipment of 12" FOTR action figures. Including two Aragorns. For $12.99 apiece. Every woman should have a 12" Aragorn, should she not, and now we both do! (ashinae, I looked for a Boromir-Lurtz pack for you but alas they did not have any...)

And oh! I forgot to mention! Last night in the course of looking up something or other, I discovered that on Bruce Springsteen's Complete Video Anthology, 1978-2000, Bruce made a video for "Highway Patrolman" using clips from The Indian Runner! Have already dispatched my husband and our holiday Best Buy card to get it. Husband did have a suspicious expression when I announced that I wanted Springsteen DVDs but has learned not to argue on the relatively rare occasion when I want music he likes, given that the vast percentage of CDs and music-related DVDs in this household are technically his.

Harry Potter June 21, huh? Well, it means the kids will be out of my hair the first few days of summer vacation!