January 26th, 2003

little review

Poem for Sunday

This is one of my very favorites. I feel like I may have posted it before, but no great loss if I did. Reading it now suddenly sends me back to Voyager fandom, warp speed through the Delta Quadrant, where Janeway and Chakotay seemed inevitably to be hurtling before "Resolutions"...

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Happy Birthday makamu!

The very clever gabbyhope has created The Porn Connexion, a way for slashers all over the world to find others in their area. Looks like the greater DC area is a very fertile playground -- there is even a Yahoogroup for us!

From one of my lists, more Viggo and Karl in Japan!

Today my excuse for everything I'm not going to get done is that I have to transcribe an interview for TrekWeb, take my older son to a birthday party, then go with my whole family to my oldest friend's annual Superbowl party (around 50 people, half kids, tons of food and lots of catching-up). So it will be a late night. Hope I remember to tape The Dead Zone.