January 29th, 2003

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The bad news: Bush. The worse news: Sharon. Though maybe the bad news in Israel will have minor positive repercussions, because Bush has to know that if he bombs Iraq and Iraq bombs Israel, then Sharon will probably nuke the oil fields in retaliation. And there's no point in the U.S. going to war with Iraq if Sharon is going to make the oil fields unusable until the radiation has reached safe levels, because that won't be during the current administration. Even Bush must be able to do that math.

Have mixed feelings about spouting off about Israeli politics. On the one hand, I'm not an Israeli citizen and have never been to Israel and get irrationally irked when I listen to Israelis spout off about American politics and the obligations of American Jews to Israel. On the other hand, am sick to holy hell of conspiracy theories and flagrant misstatements by ignorant people about 1948, 1969, 1972 and various other pivotal moments in Israeli history, by uneducated (often anti-Semitic) Americans. Can't decide who piss me off more -- the rabid right-wing Christian pro-Israel alliance who believe that a strong Jewish state is necessary so that their Messiah can return as predicted and eradicate Judaism via conversion, or the rabid leftist secular anti-Israel alliance who believe that Israel is an imperialist U.S. puppet created expressly to steal natural resources and oppress oppositional thought. There are thoughtless idiots all over the political spectrum.

Have to go to the dentist so had better not get on a serious rant. Will be back in a few hours with hopefully clean teeth. Am still insanely in love with ashinae -- just wanted to mention that. Anyone who wants to know why I didn't write to them last night, let's just say it was all her fault.

The good news, gacked from viva_gloria:

I will be struck down by a meteor!

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little review

TV, Politics and the Usual

Am pondering finales, having watched a Dawson's Creek preview for the winding-down episodes of the series and having read several LJ entries by people in Australia who have finally gotten to see the X-Files finale. For me the XF finale was worse than despicable...it was boring. I had trouble staying focused through parts of it, wasn't even interested to see so many of the old characters because it was so obvious that their plot threads would be left to dangle perpetually. Had hated Scully ever since her major goal in life became to have a child of her own flesh, had hated her even more since she gave away said child in the name of Noble Maternal Instinct, and found that I could no longer care about her relationship with Mulder -- would almost rather have had her decide she was in love with Doggett, who did a better job standing by her for two years, though he had grown on me to such an extent at that point that I decided I'd rather him end up with Reyes because I thought they'd be better for each other. If they ever make an XF movie I expect to see Cancer Man in it because death on XF is even more ludicrous than death on Star Trek -- who cares if anyone dies when you know they'll turn up, cloned or twinned or just miraculously saved, every time ratings and money are at stake?

I only truly hate shows that I once truly loved. Don't care if the latest Next Gen movie sucked because despite years of dutiful watching, I have never been in love with the TNG franchise. DS9, on the other hand, I adored passionately the first two seasons, hated almost as passionately for the next two, and fell slowly back in love with as it arced into the finale to such an extent that the mere mention of that show can now bring a smile to my face. Voyager, and Kathryn Janeway in particular, I once loved so much that now I can no longer watch reruns or read fan fiction or do anything that reminds me overmuch of the show I once thought it was, rather than what it turned into.

I am going to miss Dawson next year, and am a bit ashamed of that, but not enough not to say it right here in front of everybody. I know why lots of people can't stand it; I know why its ratings have been on a steady slip. Doesn't change the fact that when the opening credits roll and I see the sun setting over Capeside (IOW the Outer Banks), I hear Beth Nielsen Chapman and Mary Beth and Colin Hay start playing in my head and feel powerful nostalgia for Joey rowing her canoe up the creek. I have always loved the female characters on that show -- not in spite of their powerful need to be in relationships, but because of it. These aren't girls who've been taught like Janeway (or maybe I mean like Kate Mulgrew) that a woman can only prove her worth by proving that she can be totally alone and isolated. They've been taught that they can be whatever the hell they want to be...and they can also have affairs and make mistakes and not be afraid to feel. I just love Joey and Jen.

Here is a very depressing editorial on Israel from the New York Times describing in a nutshell how Arafat and Sharon feed off each other's intransigence and depend on one another's prejudices to maintain their own power bases...and how much it looks like there's no solution in sight in the next several generations. It makes me think of Northern Ireland redux, only with a lot more civilian deaths.

Now here's a surprising one:

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If anyone wants it, my Jeff Combs interview at TrekWeb. And I got this from Arriana's Tarot list...it's Viggo day! Devil Card: Today is a day of trouble! The Devil brings complications, restrictions and obsessive actions. Be wary of new people with offers that sound too good to be true, as it is! This card warns of being tied down by duty and responsibilities, do hesitate on taking new duties today as these will bring troubles to you, taking away your free time for very little reward. The Devil is not a good influence on life, others who can come into your life under this guise will bring conflicts. Be wary today of committing to anything!