February 4th, 2003

little review

Lyrics for Tuesday

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I remember scrawling these lyrics from memory on the inside of a notebook cover in eleventh grade English class, and my teacher (who turned out to be one of the best teachers I ever had anywhere, and who was about to embark on a unit teaching archetypes a la Northrop Frye) left a note asking what it was and who wrote it. I ran into her the last time I saw TTT in the movie theater -- she has retired and was there with her family to see Chicago -- looks exactly the same, nearly 20 years later. I called out her first name and then had a crushing moment of, "Oh god, she's a TEACHER, I can't call her by her first name!" which was very funny. She is a good friend of my mother's best friend, so I am used to hearing her discussed by her first name, but still...

This put me in the mood for remembering my wonderful high school New Age years. And what could be more fitting than this quiz, borrowed from perkypaduan, with this delightful result:

You are a Bard!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

Have decided that it is not worth getting stressed about fan fiction, ever -- not the fic itself, not fandom flame wars, not inane criticism. Am nearly back in an "I'm swearing this off" phase (which always pass). Am going to go do Serious Work for awhile and see where my mood takes me!

But first, of course, I have more quiz spam. From lexluvsclark, a rather delightful choice though I was tempted to see if I could be SexualPredator!Lex:

You're Chloe Sue! You are incredibly perceptive, a
matchmaker, and a trusted friend. But tread
carefully, you have a tendency to be
manipulated into whatever other people want you
to be.

Which Smallville Slash Character Cliche Are You?
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