February 9th, 2003

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Poem for Sunday and some recs

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What I've been reading:

Henry Louis Gates Jr. in the NY Times on HBO's Unchained Memories documentary on slavery...

cinzia's devastating Indian Runner fic, "Little Brother"...

juleskicks's delightful GoldenEye fic, "Undercover," for her Invisibility Cloak challenge...

juleskicks's equally delightful Aragorn/Arwen/Boromir story for contrelamontre...

Last night, because of another contrelamontre submission, I watched Moulin Rouge again. And was struck by how much more thoroughly original it seems than Chicago, which seems more likely to win an Oscar. I feel badly about this, which I guess is silly. Have decided that I am rooting for Nicole Kidman because if Gwyneth Paltrow can have an Oscar, god knows she should too. Am still quietly seething that Glenn Close does not have one but that's silly too, isn't it?
little review

End-of-weekend snow forecast

...suggests that my kids may be sleeping late tomorrow. This would be a good thing if I didn't need to meet my husband for lunch so that we can get our refinanced mortgage papers notarized. This is a good thing as it is paying for the tickets to London that were not purchased with the frequent flyer miles originally intended so we could fly to Seattle...where we are now driving over the summer, cross-country via L.A. We have passport photos that are suitably atrocious and everything.

Dead Zone was quite good again tonight -- very Thornton Wilder, lots of individual stories converging in one place at one time. Some of the characters were a little stock but Michael Hall plays with so much conviction that I'll buy just about anything. And I just loved the wanna-be geeky sci-fi writer, and that Michael Piller had Johnny pretending to buy a bunch of copies of remaindered Insurrection novelizations, which he then didn't even bother to pick up afterwards.

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