March 1st, 2003

little review

Poem for Saturday

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I have been dreaming of this since I first heard the words "library computer" on Star Trek: plans for Alexandria Library, an online collection of every book in the world available by mouse-click. I love living in this century despite the ongoing idiocy of so many of our global leaders.

tyellas points out this essay by a man with a fetish for super-heroines who transform -- quite interesting and entertaining, particularly for Wonder Woman fans.

My big, enormous smile for the morning, courtesy lexluvsclark: "If I Were King of the Forest", spoilers for "Rosetta."

And gacked from thepiratequeen, this wonderful quiz:

You're the 456!
You are artistic, a bit whimsical, and less iconic
than the train on the other side of the Park.
Others may see you as an odd conglomeration of
new and old-fashioned ideas, but you realize
that's part of your charm.

Which New York City subway line are you?
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