March 8th, 2003

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Somewhere I once read a contemporary poem narrated by Circe to Telemachus. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Anyone have any idea where I might find it?

This morning I very much enjoyed:
ealgylden's essay on the Rohirrim and Beowulf
taryneve's Tucker/Reed Enterprise fic
carlajane's Aragorn/Boromir LOTR fic, again

Today for my mother's birthday I am going to Mount Vernon with my husband and kids, my parents and both my uncles. Last night we had dinner with all of the above, plus my father's aunt and uncle. The last time I spent any time with all these people in the same room was at my wedding, where I was notably distracted by about a hundred other people; before that, it was at my grandmother's funeral. And before that...I can't even remember actually. So it's actually quite nice having all this family around, though it's too bad for my kids that my father's brother doesn't have his son with him on this trip.

Will reply to the dozen e-mails I am late on tomorrow!