March 11th, 2003

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I'm sure many of us first discovered that poem in junior high school. On an equally serious note, Kristof in The New York Times on the disastrous situation about to unfold for the Kurds if Turkey agrees to let the U.S. make war from its borders.

It's SNOWING again. I can't believe it.

The wonderful carlajane has been posting links to Japanese LOTR fan art over at rugbytackle. Here are two of my recent favorites from this site: Aragorn and Boromir, hugging and thumb-wrestling!

Speaking of rugbytackle, everyone here knows I don't read RPS, right? Good. Because I just had to have this quiz in my LJ (gacked from karelian), and am rather amused that the quiz writers can't seem to tell the difference between the actors and characters anyway...

They're the two men. They've got something to bond
over, and they've got something in common. You
love seeing the camaraderie and the
Which Lord of the Rings RPS pairing is your favourite?
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