March 16th, 2003

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Yesterday: after aborted attempt to see the new bugs IMAX movie at a Smithsonian surrounded by police and protestors, we drove across the river to Alexandria and visited places George Washington slept and the Torpedo Factory artists instead. Beautiful waterfront, beatiful weather. Felt vaguely bad not to be joining the protestors but I understand some more idiotic things were said about Israel and the Palestinians so maybe it's just as well that I was not there. More details later as I have to go get dressed...

Today I'm taking the family to a Purim carnival at the kids' Hebrew school. Not sure what lessons to take from the story of Esther -- that it is a woman's duty to be beautiful and submissive if it's for the good of her people? Never really liked Esther even if she was brave. Always rooted for Vashti, the queen who died for her disobedience. Prefer to read the tale as modified version of Babylonian myth of Ishtar and Marduk, not anything religious, which is very easy to do since God and Esther seem not to have chatted much anyway.

Boy I talk about politics and religion an awful lot in my fluffy fic LJ. Dangerous combination, huh?

And from divineway:

Self-Righteous Martyr Krycek!
Self-Righteous Misunderstood Martyr Krycek!
Boy howdy! You're such a martyr! Poor self-
righteous and misunderstood Krycek, you're an
unsung talent in the X-Files world. Mulder is
an idiot and a creep, Scully's just as bad, and
the only reason the whole world hasn't
collapsed by now is because of you. You've made
incredible self-sacrifices in order to maintain
the balance of good and evil and save the day,
and it's about time the rest of the characters
knew about it! Usually when you have sex with
Mulder, it's because you're being forced, but
don't let that stop your writers from making
you a god in the sack. After all, as perfect
and misunderstood and maligned as you are, it
just makes sense that you'd be pure sex on
legs. You're perfect, Self-Righteous and
Misunderstood Martyr Cliche Krycek!
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