March 20th, 2003

little review

Poem for 3/20

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pretty boy
You Are The Pretty Boy
What Type Of Gay Man Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This is good to know though pretty darned hilarious considering that I don't own any glitter and couldn't tell you what anyone is ever wearing. The wonderful vertigo66 from whom I grabbed it said she'll tape the Dawson's Creek marathon for me while we're in Europe next month. Must come up with something very, very nice to do for her. Finding nude pics of Ian Somerhalder that she hasn't already seen seems unlikely; anyone got Tom Welling's phone number?

And gacked ages ago from cupiscent:

1) Five nicknames you've had.
Jolly Green Midget, Love Bear, YCD, Queen of Sap, fangirl.

2) Five books you've read recently.
Forever by Pete Hamill, Sharpe's Victory by Rachel Murrell, Summerland by Michael Chabon, Caravaggio by Leo Bersani, Stalking Elijah by Rodger Kamenetz.

3) Five quirky facts about you.
I'm under five feet tall, I collect Tarot decks even though I don't believe in divination, the first three boys I ever kissed were all named David, I once memorized the entire Periodic Table of Elements, and I have no idea how to program my own VCR.

4) Five people who have influenced your life.
My father's mother Sylvia, my college roommate Tracey, my freshman English prof Maureen, vertigo66 and windsweptaway.

5) Five things to which you're looking forward.
The war ending, going to Europe, having lunch with perkypaduan, The Two Towers extended edition DVD, and working on schmoopy fic over the weekend.