March 22nd, 2003

little review

Poem for Saturday

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From queenofthorns, the alphabet movie meme:
AAmadeus - for the music alone, but also just superbly done
BBob Roberts - Tim Robbins skewers politics with music
CCrimes and Misdemeanors - Woody Allen's tragicomic masterpiece
DDangerous Liaisons - the most stylish film ever made
EEvita - have always loved the musical and Madonna is wonderful
F - The Fellowship of the Ring - do I really need to explain?
GThe Grifters - creepy mod-noir and Anjelica is phenomenal beyond belief
HHair - Let the sunshine in and stop the war
IThe Indian Runner - gripping, haunting and superbly acted
J - Joe vs. the Volcano - an underrated, hilarious, uplifting film
KKiss of the Spider Woman - Stunningly powerful, gutwrenching
LThe Lion In Winter - History, Hepburn, amazing dialogue and acting
MThe Maltese Falcon - everything noir is and should be
NThe Natural - because I love the dream of baseball with a passion
OOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - the script, the acting, Louise Fletcher
PThe Princess Bride - I am not left-handed!
QQueen Christina - My favorite Garbo
RRear Window - Hitchcock, Grace Kelly and humor, an irresistible combination
SStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - the best of the big-screen Treks
TTempest - Mazursky's film with Cassavetes, Rowlands and Sarandon, a masterpiece
UUnforgiven – one of few Eastwood movies I really like
VVertigo - Hitchcock wraps obsession and pathology together
WThe Wizard of Oz - because who can forget it, ever?
XXanadu - because yes, I do love Olivia and ELO
YYoung Frankenstein - Mel Brooks' masterpiece, one of the funniest movies ever
ZZelig - another Woody Allen masterpiece, the fiction of history

Fascinating Bill Keller op-ed piece on why Colin Powell is the wrong secretary of state for Dubya, even though Keller and I both agree that Powell is one of the few members of the Bush cabinet who actually listens to reason...

and an op-ed piece on the hypocrisy of the U.N. which I found myself unhappily agreeing with a lot of, even though my major issue -- the screaming hypocrisy toward Israel -- is never addressed.