March 23rd, 2003

little review

Lyrics for Sunday

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Yesterday since it was gorgeous we took the kids to Huntley Meadows to see the wetlands in near-flood. Saw lots of huge snapping turtles, some smaller turtles, scattered waterfowl and a handful of bugs but it was apparently too early for frogs or snakes in significant numbers though we heard occasional croaking. The beaver and muskrat were apparently asleep, too.

Remind me not to write DS9 for contrelamontre again -- I got one stinkin' comment. Even my friends didn't bother to read it! And, you know, it wasn't terribly good and it had some het, but I thought it might still be interesting than the fifteenth EW/DM story in a week. Ah well, must seek out a Trek forum when I get the urge to write Trek!

Frank Rich on "They Both Reached For the Gun" -- Roxie and Dubya that is. No wonder Chicago, which is supposed to be our escapist movie for the year, seems so dark and relevant to me.