April 5th, 2003

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Poem for Saturday and Thanks

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Running this morning to get to my son's model seder at Hebrew school but I wanted to get this up, since I'll probably be gone most of the day between that, soccer and work, and to give a big thanks and hugs to all of you who wrote to me yesterday, either here or via e-mail...I'm going to write back to all of you but one of my biggest points of stress is that I can't even keep up with the mail and I know that annoys people!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday...
little review

Saturday In The Park

...well, not until the late afternoon, when the sun decided to come out and I'd finished my work and my son's soccer game had ended. Then we all went for a brief hike among the flowering trees and it was lovely, if pollen-filled.

So many of you have been utterly lovely today. And I must announce that:

taryneve is the biggest sweetheart in the entire world!

Because there are people who offer you love, and people who offer you sex...and then there are people who offer you chocolate. I am going to write Enterprise smut sometime just for her. And hope she doesn't mind that it will probably not involve Hoshi but will feature Archer, Tucker, Reed and the decon chamber. I wonder if I could lose my job if Paramount found out.

Speaking of Star Trek, I must pimp nostalgia_lj again...her two stories Once and Ever Again and What Ails You, both DS9...

And from vertigo66 -- who gave me chocolate the last time I was feeling down, and gave me more gratuitous chocolate just the other day, so I owe her smut as well -- a parody apology by Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.