April 7th, 2003

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Poem for Rainy Monday

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Last night's Dead Zone was absolutely stunning. It wasn't the episode the ads had hyped at all; in fact, I was wondering halfway through whether the season finale was in fact next week instead of this week, because the intense family-and-faith episode they were showing seemed to have nothing to do with the assassination episode from the promos. When the storylines finally did converge, it was ten times more powerful, so for once I am grateful to a network for promoting the exploitative storyline instead of the emotional one. Still, I hope they didn't scare off any slash fans, because there's a moment between Johnny and Bruce and another in which Bruce discusses Johnny with someone else that were beautiful and so strong that I'd hardly call them subtext.

I almost posted the above poem yesterday, then read The Washington Post Book World and changed it. And now I know it was meant to be that way because though I'm not really a big Bronte fan, this poem goes well with some of the themes of The Dead Zone. It's also much gutsier about dealing with race and religion than any other genre show I can think of. There were a lot of things in the finale that reminded me of Trek -- alternate futures, dead characters coming back to life -- but it didn't feel gimmicky, it felt powerful and real, like metaphors for the way people cope with life rather than cheesy science fiction.

My MSN horoscope for the week -- I am very much an astrology skeptic yet this made me groan anyway: Be vigilant at work as Mercury squares both Jupiter and Neptune, and this might confuse matters. You might find that something is either not as you expected it to be, but quite different, or you might accidentally place yourself in the position of offering more than you can deliver. It won't be fatal, but it might create delays, which you could probably do without. The same goes if you are making a public speech or presentation. Make it simple, otherwise your general message could get lost in delivery.

A quiz from natalierichards that I just love:

Queen Christina
You're "Queen Christina"- the 1933
classic in which Garbo plays controversial
Queen Christina, the queen of Sweden who is
caught between love and duty.
The stunning final shot with Garbo standing in the
bow of the ship, the wind in her hair, gazing
into nothingness, as the camera slowly zooms in
remains the Mona Lisa image of film.
Which Greta Garbo classic are you?
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Happy Birthday kirana_44!