April 11th, 2003

little review

Poem for Friday and Farewell

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Those of you whom I've known for a long time know the many layers of significance this poem has for me. I was thinking that I wanted to leave with a poem about traveling, and this is actually rather a poem about the opposite -- it's about the idea of homecoming, in terms both spiritual and erotic, and it has always hit me hard. It reminds me very much of a fandom that meant a great deal to me at one time, and ironically, though that fandom itself has disappeared from my life, some of my good friends from it are probably reading this page. It also makes me want to write a story in my current fandom because reading it again I could easily apply it to completely different characters than it once brought to mind.

Have a wonderful couple of weeks, Happy Passover and Easter, and save all your fic for me for when I come back!