May 1st, 2003

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Poem For Beltane

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This morning someone wrote to me vehemently disagreeing with my Enterprise review, insisting that the cogenitors were more akin to gay people than women, and that Archer's message was that gay people should stay in the closet and their problems were not the concern of anyone else. This really surprised me because despite the fact that the cogenitors were called "the third sex," there was really nothing in the episode that made me think of them according to the historic use of that phrase.

Cogenitors are defined as essential to Vissian childbearing -- they're not sexual outsiders, they're vital insiders who are locked up and "protected" so that the dominant sex(es -- one could argue about that since the wife is still reponsible for making dinner) have their reproductive rights guaranteed. The cogenitors aren't so much denied the right to have sex with one another as they are forced to live for and have it with and on the terms of the other genders. To me it's far more akin to compulsory marriage and bride-rape that the oppression of lesbians and gay men. I tend to think of myself as sensitive to negative stereotyping so it's interesting that this articulate reader felt so strongly that I'd overlooked it.
little review

Dawson Admission

Tonight I watched the Dawson's Creek episode I could not watch last night due to having to review Enterprise. And it was pretty bad. Had the overblown speechifying of the first season, the montages of long thoughtful looks to music, the same argument Dawson and Pacey should have outgrown three years ago...and it also had the beautiful night shots of the water, the folk music, Grams...

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On a completely unrelated note, my latest quiz:

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