May 2nd, 2003

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Poem for Friday and Random Silliness

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The May 2 Top 5 Little Fivers -- Science Fiction list in honor of X2. Number four made me scream:

The Top 7 Lame Nicknames and Mutant Powers

7> BURRITO: Knocks out enemies with a toxic gas.
6> METER MAID: Unstoppable Mistress of Time and Space.
5> SARSGIRL: Able to cause worldwide hysteria through media sensationalism.
4> HOTMAILMAN: Cures male pattern baldness, provides herbal Viagra at cheap prices, enlarges breasts and penises and fixes credit problems.
3> NUCULAR: Induces uncontrollable laughter in his opponents.
2> SWINGLINE: Spits staples with uncanny speed and accuracy.

and the Number 1 Lame Nickname and Mutant Power...

1> BUSHWHACKER: Oh, if only...


And adopted from every single person on LJ after much resistance, Five Famous People I'd Have Sex With. There will be no rude comments about this list or you will be spanked (unless you like to be spanked, in which case you will NOT be spanked).

1. Sean Bean
2. Viggo Mortensen
3. Keith Hamilton Cobb
4. Rutger Hauer
5. Avery Brooks
NOTE: Antonio Banderas might have topped this list if Melanie Griffith did not exist, but she does. Also, if I could have had Robert Beltran in the Eating Raoul era or even the early Voyager era, he would definitely be on this list, but I do not want the current model!

1. Anjelica Huston
2. Beverly D'Angelo
3. Glenn Close
4. Diana Rigg
5. Gena Rowlands
NOTE: Susan Sarandon would be on this list were it not for that unforgivable stepmother movie. Catherine Zeta Jones would be on this list were she married to anyone other than who she's married to. Louise Fletcher would be on this list were I not too in awe of her.
little review

A Moment For The Real World

Holocaust Remembrance Day was earlier this week, on April 29. Such is my preoccupation with life that I didn't even realize it until I received an erroneous e-mail earlier informing me that it was today, May 2, which is incorrect for this year. Yom Ha'Shoah always falls on the 27th of Nisan on the Jewish calendar, so it varies on Western calendars.

This is in memory of the six million.

And discovered via vertigo66: