May 5th, 2003

little review

I have spent pretty much ALL DAY at the computer...

...and while I got all of my essential work done, and some of my work-I-have-to-get-done eventually done, I barely made a dent in my e-mail and I owe several people betas and I didn't get to go to my kids' Hebrew school fun fair or a soccer practice or birthday party, and that is Too Damn Long At The Computer.

I did read the paper, somewhat. Here's Edward Hirsch's 'Poet's Choice' on prose poems.

ashinae: You are the WORST possible influence. I love you.

And I liked this, gacked from eponis...

You Are: Sylvia Plath!Hermione
She counted everything. Every calorie. Every grade.
Every mistake. They all added up to something
and while she wasn't quite sure what, she wasnt
about to miss a number and lose the sum. Only
two things escaped this rule, because they
happened so often even she couldn't keep up. The
number of beats her heart gave and the number
of times she wondered if she could ever make it stop.
Which Writer!Harry Potter Character Are You?
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little review

Poem for Monday

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Someone on one of my fic mailing lists dropped a huge X2 spoiler in the first couple of lines of her post where there was no avoiding it while scrolling through mail in Outlook. Why are people so dense? Those of us with children never get to major movies on opening weekend, unless said movie is LOTR and we have sold our souls to be there...

From contrelamontre, fic based on The Great Gatsby. Subtle, clever, put an enormous smile on my face. Even though the movie sucks, I have always seen Gatsby as a young, beautiful Redford ever since I saw it. And young, beautiful, slashable Redford makes my head explode.

Gacked from ariestess, who got the same result, which made us both happy:

Which Rock Chick Are You?