May 12th, 2003

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In an offshoot conversation from ds9agogo, someone mentioned that she wished Brannon Braga would die. And while I would never wish death on someone for something as trivial as ruining a television franchise -- I generally don't wish anyone dead except for one utterly despicable person who has caused direct and unmitigated suffering to my family, and I feel really terrible and try to repress those thoughts, since I don't even permit myself death wishes for political figures who are quite literally causing the deaths of thousands -- and this is an impressive run-on sentence, isn't it -- I realized something irrevocable when I read the Braga post.

I hate Ken Biller far more than I hate Brannon Braga. Don't get me wrong, I blame Braga for much of what I couldn't stand about Janeway the last three seasons of Voyager, and for Seven of Nine and her cat-suited ways, and for a lot of generally mediocre science fiction. But Biller wrote The Chakotay Episodes That Turned Voyager's XO Into An Intolerable Shithead. Biller oversaw most of Voyager's utterly unwatchable final season. Biller touched Dark Angel and it died. Now Biller's filthy, revolting paws are on Smallville and every week it gets a little worse. Blame Gough all you want; all I know is that the show took this turn when Biller showed up.

And I'm actually sort of liking Enterprise in spite of myself these days, because I'm not getting the sense that Braga sneers at the fans the way I know Biller does. I know because I've read his interviews. On which note I must go write an article about the fact that Smallville and Enterprise will be in competition in the same time slot next year. I see the WB is either trying to kill Star Trek or to kill its most viable show. Pretty darned amusing. Gosh, I might actually go back to 24 on Tuesday nights, if it's still there and there's minimal Kim. Since I know I'll be watching Enterprise, I wonder whether I'll even bother to catch up on Smallville the way I have religiously taped and watched Dawson's Creek?

And Angel will follow Smallville. But Charisma Carpenter is not expected to return, while James Marsters is expected to sign as a regular. If West Wing goes down the toilet without Sorkin, perhaps I will finally get on the Boreanaz bandwagon.

I forgot to write down who I gacked this from and now I can't find it on my Friends page so it was at least three days ago!

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