May 13th, 2003

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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One reason to read badfic: You may come across a line like this and laugh harder than you have in hours: "Grasping the slim waste in front of him..."

I think I have developed a shaggy Viggo fetish. Please tell me that this can be cured.

And speaking of shaggy men whom I want to shag, I had never seen any Inspector Morse before last night's with Sean Bean. Shaggy Sean Bean with an earring and very yellow-blonde hair. Shaggy Sean Bean locked in a room, throwing a typewriter. Shaggy Sean Bean kicking soccer balls at prison officials, grousing at police, talking about being in jail like he's enjoying it far too much. May I just say, "Ohhh, YES."

Sorry about the Dawson's Creek default icon. It's the last week ever that the show's on the air and I am allowing myself to wallow a little.

Am off to have lunch with cara_chapel whom I have known for nearly a decade online yet have never met. Should I wear my Viggo "War Is Not The Answer" shirt so she'll know I'm the real thing? Or should I wear my Janeway t-shirt to make her scream? Heh!

One final bit of spam, from kirana_44:
I am a rude kitten with a little pink butt
Which cute or possibly strange kitten are you?
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