May 25th, 2003

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Also, if you're interested, take time to read Poet's Choice by Edward Hirsch in The Washington Post. This week the subject is Poland's Wislawa Szymborska, who wrote the poem above. "She has a corrosive wit and an ironic historical awareness," Hirsch writes.

I read pieces of The New York Times. Here's Frank Rich, scathing, on The Matrix and media conglomerates that would rather cover one dead pregnant woman than a government that lied to us about the causes for a war. Here's Maureen Dowd on more lies about Iraq (I read that she's dating Aaron Sorkin...fascinating combination). Here's Thomas Friedman on Saudi oil and SUVs, nothing we didn't already know. And here is where I got depressed and stopped reading the op-ed page.

Kim Schultz drew Viggo in Indian Runner (the bar scene). What I find really interesting about the drawing is that there's a point, scrolling up the page, where you can only see the very top of his head and his eyes and it looks like Aragorn, and then one click later you can see all of his eyes and part of his nose and it looks like Lucifer.

Happy Birthday cupiscent!