May 28th, 2003

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Poem for Wednesday and <lj comm

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wednesday100: "Mythological", for the "Die Helen Die" challenge (though actually it wasn't necessary to kill her off, thank goodness).

Got Mary Fahl's new CD yesterday (note: if you order it from Sony online they will send you an autographed photo of her with the CD, and in addition to having an unbelievable voice, she happens to be stunningly beautiful). I haven't listened to the music enough to know whether I'm going to fall in love with it; my first, perhaps unfair, thought is that it's just not October Project, which has also been my thought about all post-Mary October and November Project music. They were so wonderful together.

Had an argument with my editor about journalistic bias, namely: if one is writing a brief from a source whose bias is flagrant and plainly stated in the first two paragraphs, is it impartial NOT to make note of said bias and to print quotes from the article as if they were purely factual, or is it not better journalism to illustrate the bias of the original writer within the brief? Have we as journalists learned nothing from 60 Minutes and advertising, namely that one can excerpt from almost any article to make it sound as if the subject meant exactly the opposite of what he said?

And in a similar vein, why is it more professional to quote amateur reviewers than to cite statistics on fan polls? They're all prejudiced sources (as are professional reviewers but that is a different rant entirely).

Oh my god those Orlando Bloom pictures at OBM. All right, I am converted and he is old enough for me. Must go reread The Iliad so I can figure out if there's any possibility of slashing Paris and Odysseus. And here's Sharpe by Kim Schultz. It looks like there might be some good fan fiction on my Friends list. However, LJ isn't letting me access anything behind cut tags at the moment, so I can't say for sure. Arrgh.