June 9th, 2003

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Poem for Monday

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Many people know that one from Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters, I think, which is unfortunate; I'm glad I'd read it in school before I saw it.

Wore the wrong shoes yesterday because I was under the impression that the adults would not be allowed to climb at the kids' party. Silly me. The adults (the fathers actually) took turns learning to belay, so they had harnesses on, and then when the kids went into the other room for cake they took turns spotting each other on the walls. I am frustrated that I didn't get to climb but was busy serving cake and stuff anyway. There are certain people who I pretty much only see at this point at kids' birthday parties so I like to catch up with them. No major gossip yesterday though; I got more of that at the soccer game afterwards.

Speaking of gossip, I read a rumor that James Marsters said at a convention over the weekend that he will be co-starring in the film Italian Heat with Sean Bean and Derek Jacobi. With James playing the married gay man. What a cast! As nobuwa says, please let Sean be playing his lover and not his wife's lover...

Watched the Tonys. I love the long hair on Hugh. I knew Harvey would win but I'm thrilled anyway. In general I was happy about all the Hairspray awards and everyone thanking their beautiful boyfriends. I like the Tonys so much better than any other awards show.

Blast from the past from jerie, and given the choices I won't complain, though I have never had any interest in being any Picard love interest:

You are Vash. You galivant around
the universe with Q. 'nough said.
Star Trek TNG:
Which Picard Romance Interest Are You?

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