June 11th, 2003

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Poem for Wednesday and <lj comm

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wednesday100: Frozen, for the weather challenge. (Yes, Madonna soundtrack.)

Still here. Still sad. My son's deceased teacher was a big supporter of Guiding Eyes For the Blind and had raised puppies for them, so I wanted to give them a plug here. She loved children and animals and they loved her. My son is rather a high-maintenance student -- extremely bright and extremely distractible -- and she was just phenomenal with him, giving him the time he needed.

Must do lots of work today -- editor sent lots of trivial Trek news to cover. Had a contrelamontre bunny but it must wait. Gacked from cupiscent among others:
Gryffindor! Fun-loving and ballsy down to the last
detail, you follow rules when it's convenient
for you and never turn down an opportunity to
par-tay. You're loud, mischievous, and a little
naive at times, but never let your awesome
self-confidence waver. Like Slytherin, you too
appreciate the finer things in life...just in a
very...different way.
A More Unique Hogwarts Sorting Quiz
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little review

The Happy Dance Of Cable Love

Comcast is, in theory, coming this afternoon to replace our cable line. I am afraid to hope for too much, but am cautiously optimistic.

Does anyone out there have the rumored new Premiere magazine in which Orlando Bloom says he'd do it with Paul Newman if he were into men? Could you be begged to scan the whole damn article or at least provide a list of straight *snork* (sorry) celebrities and their fantasy figures? (Ben Affleck said Brad Pitt, huh? Oh, I will get NO work done this afternoon.)

In a quiz that everyone else has already taken, here are my test results. I am somewhat pleased at this, though maybe whimsically saying "squirrel" was not the best idea in the world.
You think of yourself as being alive, growing, fresh, and earthy.
Others think of you as being free, independent, social, and playful.
Your relationships can be described as salty, tumultuous, wide, and roiling.
When stressed, you feel blank.
Take this test here.

Addendum (thank weetanya for this): A con report on James Marsters talking about having to kiss a man in Italian Heat, the upcoming movie that Sean Bean is also supposedly starring in!
little review


...kept me offline much of the night. (Note to weather gods: I am NOT complaining, for we have power and the sump pump is working and the basement did not flood and I am online right now and I am VERY GRATEFUL!) But it means...again...that I am behind on everything, and spent part of the evening discussing Tarot cards with my son and another part of the evening watching parts of Velvet Goldmine with my husband (am thisclose to convincing him that we need it on DVD). Tomorrow I am having lunch with juleskicks and lohowarose and also have to write at least three articles so will undoubtedly be behind then, too!

Speaking of Tarot, gacked from ariestess:

"the pioneer, builder, doer, visionary"
You create what is needed for future generations.
You have a deep love for adventure, travel,
change, the creative process, setting new
things in motion, and changing both internally
and externally. You have a great gift of
visionary perception, an eye for what is and is not working.
***which major arcana of the thoth tarot deck are you?
short; with pictures and detailed results***

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The TV is on now. The news is on. I can't listen to it. I can't even hope that maybe Bush will realize now how pathetic his Mideast peace initiatives are. It's too horrible.