July 3rd, 2003

little review

Poem For Wednesday and Southwest Musings

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Last night at the Canyon, the sky was perfectly clear and I saw the Milky Way as spectacularly as I ever have with the naked eye. So I was up much too late star- and deer-watching, and today we got up early to see the canyon in morning sunlight, though it was already bright before 6. There was a condor flying around just below the lip of the canyon which was my thrill of the trip. We had breakfast in one of the Bright Angel lodge restaurants, walked around the canyon rim a bit, bought sun hats which I should have done the day before, then packed up and drove to Kingman, Arizona where we had lunch en route to Las Vegas. The landscape changed from heavily forested to hilly to flat desert with cactus and yucca to barren rock as we briefly entered California, which is the most direct route to Vegas from the Grand Canyon.

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Thanks so much for all the good wishes, everyone to whom I owe a note. Below, the thrill of my trip so far (besides my anniversary present):

...a condor in the Canyon!