August 4th, 2003

little review

Poem for Monday

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Yesterday we bought a new entertainment center thingie for our new TV (inherited from my parents when they got their huge plasma screen TV installed). So we spent the late afternoon putting the entertainment center thingie together, then we went to my parents' for pizza and watched Star Trek IV on their great big HUGE TV. I was careful not to slash Kirk and Spock too much, though when Kirk throws himself and Spock into the bay, it's hard not to. I mean, damn that water must be cold.

My evil plan is pathetic. Am faced with the consideration that perhaps I am not very evil. No wonder I never get sorted into Slytherin.

Congratulations on being the creator of a new Evil Plan (tm)!
Your objective is simple: World Domination.
Your motive is a little bit more complex: Love (Yes, it works)

Stage One
To begin your plan, you must first seduce a superman. This will cause the world to sit up and take notice, amazed by your arrival. Who is this criminal mastermind? Where did they come from? And why do they look so good in your wizard's robes?

Stage Two
Next, you must seize control of the Pyramids of Giza. This will all be done from a medieval castle, a mysterious place of unrivaled dark glory. Upon seeing this, the world will faint, as countless hordes of computer programmers hasten to do your every bidding.

Stage Three
Finally, you must send forth your time machine, bringing about an end to sanity. Your name shall become synonymous with the spice girls, and no man will ever again dare interrupt your sentences. Everyone will bow before your extraordinary charisma, and the world will have no choice but to fall madly in love with you.

I'm still in this sort of mood:

Avebury, The Stone Circle