August 7th, 2003

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I have novels sitting here by my two favorite living novelists, Richard Zimler and Janette Turner Hospital. *happy dance* Which should I read first, Zimler's Hunting Midnight (Marrano Jews, necromancers, the slave trade and Napoleon's armies in Portugal) or Hospital's Due Preparations for the Plague (terrorism, cults, knowledge as power and heroism that outlasts death)?

Yesterday I had lunch with my mother, and today, with luck, I am having lunch with perkypaduan. No wonder I am not losing any weight. This afternoon I have to submit to my dermatologist's scalpel to make sure they got all the abnormal tissue last time around. At least I only have to write one article today (CSI calendars -- does this mean that the Pre-Raphaelite calendars will be out soon?)

This morning I got 36, count 'em, 36 spam messages about Viagra. Cheap, discreet, will make women scream for me. Last weekend while watching Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, I was startled to learn that the image below is actually a place on Vulcan, minus the greenery...

Vasquez Rocks, California