August 14th, 2003

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Getting stitches out in an hour and perhaps I will no longer feel like tearing my neck from my body! Yay! Then meeting vertigo66 and her entire family for lunch with my entire family. And then have to come home and write droll Trek news, if my children will permit it. So am late on correspondence and feedback again...apologies.

Washington Through the Blossoms
little review

In the Dark

ashinae! Are you missing because of the blackout? Or are you just off watching B5 and having fun?

My parents are supposed to leave early tomorrow to go to my sister's in the New York suburbs tomorrow, while my in-laws are supposed to be driving down here from New York. Obviously we have no word at the moment on whether either of those things is going to happen.

Hope y'all without power are surviving okay!