August 19th, 2003

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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My in-laws came over for dinner last night, then we sat around watching The Road To El Dorado which has got to be the slashiest non-anime cartoon ever. Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh need to star in a live-action buddy movie together ASAP.

juleskicks, that Opera Babes song to which you quoted the lyrics, which of course made me go hunt it down reminded me very much of the song Christian Bale sang at the beginning of Empire of the Sun, which cannot be coincidence, though I never before noticed the similarity between the latter and the New World Symphony. Why does it not surprise me that Dvorak is among John Williams' sources for swiping homage. I see that I am going to be wallowing in the Bale love today.

Am in the mood for being at the beach, which will not be possible till this weekend at the earliest and then probably it will be the Chesapeake rather than the Atlantic which is what I'm really craving. I would also like to be here:

Dover Castle, Late Spring Afternoon