September 2nd, 2003

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Poem for Tuesday

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Went to Theodore Roosevelt Island with my in-laws yesterday. It was hot in the sun but gorgeous in the shade, with baby ducks and salamanders and various interesting insects all around, and I took some neat photos that I will endeavor to resize and post later. Then we came home so son number two could go to soccer practice and I finished up my three articles and did some major overhauling of one of my web sites.

Moon Curse, my entry in the Remus/Sirius Fuh-Q-Fest, has been posted. It's in answer to challenge #28, "Remus is cured," and it's a genre of fic I rarely read and generally can't stand. My partner in crime ashinae said she was scared when I sent it to her for beta. So be warned: there's no smut, and there's some extreme weirdness.

ashinae has also done a lovely job with the layout on slither_in. Lucius/Severus 4eva!

Gacked from mimbulus, one of the few I am not allergic to, and the quiz went well with today's poem.

what's your inner flower?

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little review

Why Viggo Mortensen Is My Wet Dream And Other Fannish Nonsense

"I landed in The Prophecy exactly the same way I did in The Lord of the Rings, that is, at the last minute...though I did not have much time to prepare for the role, the character interested me, I explored his story. I see him as the prodigal son, very gifted but such a rebel that his father throws him out of Paradise. I asked myself how he would have reacted? He, certainly, would feel misunderstood, exactly because he was the most intelligent and the brightest of all the angels. Inevitably he would tell himself 'Why has he rejected me?' So, he will have ego problems. Ultimately, he’s very human, in a certain way very close to Aragorn because he also possesses powers of a certain magnitude."

The above is from's translation of Cine Live's interview. (Pulling out old draft of Aragorn/Lucifer fic tossed aside as too implausible...)

Also, X-Files was right! Or at least close. End of the world party, my place.

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