September 7th, 2003

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Poem for Sunday

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Fannish Friday Five, gacked belatedly from several people and interesting enough to jot down for posterity:

1. What celebrity would turn you into a complete and utter fangirl/fanboy if you met them in person?
I did it for Louise Fletcher during a phone interview; I'm sure I'd do it in person as well. Also Glenn Close, for whom I did it in person outside the theater where she was doing Benefactors in 1986. And maybe Anjelica Huston. But really I don't even want to meet any of the celebrities I think I admire; I learned that lesson the hard way.

2. What is the MOST fannish thing you have on public display in your home? In your office?
The entire wall over my desk, which is in a corner of the dining room and thus very public space, is covered with fannish memorabilia so it would be hard to pick just one item. Collapse ) Also, when people come into our bedroom and see the Star Trek action figures all set up on the TNG bridge set, the DS9 transporter and the engineering set (which houses the Voyager crew though it's TNG), they tend to laugh at us. Well, at me.

3. What is the most public space you've read fic? Did anyone notice?
I tend not to print fic out, there's just too much of it, so it's rare for me to be sitting on a park bench with handfuls of smut. Probably it was in a restaurant when someone gave me a zine and we sat snickering aloud over certain phrases. I have had people look at me and my friends in restaurants very strangely more than once while discussing fic.

4. What is your most embarrassing moment when you had to explain something fannish to a mundane?
I don't remember any deeply embarrassing moments, though it might have been trying to explain to my parents and children why Boromir was making a "Want to blow the Horn of Gondor" remark to Aragorn on the birthday card my husband made me.

5. Name a fannish moment for which you wish you could have a "do over" and fix.
Telling Kate Mulgrew that I would come back and run her fan club several months after I'd turned it over to someone else. THAT is a classic example of having turned into a fangirl at the worst possible moment, and I should have known better and I DID know better but I did it anyway.

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More Fannishness!

Everyone has found Viggo in the New York Times, yes? (LL, if you are reading this, will you save your print copy for me, please please please?)

My good friend from London reports that early this morning on BBC 24 television, they did an item on movie locations -- "New Zealand obviously, then a Bollywood film shooting on the Scots moors, and then Troy built in Malta...they treated us to about five seconds of Mr. Bean in similar Greek costume [to that photo with the puppy] but with armour, eating in the canteen along with crew and non-starry players also in costume (no sign of the golden boys) BBC-24 repeats over the weekend at regular hours, I've now caught it twice...he looks as if he's having a great time -- as if it's one enormous away football match, which it probably is..."
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Sunday Evening

Back from hiking at Great Seneca, where we waded through waist-high undergrowth that did not exist the past two years, saw lots of huge spiders in impressive webs, and caught glimpses of the occasional groundhog and deer (closer to the road -- why do they DO that?) It was an amazingly beautiful day, especially under the pines. The creek was swollen from the wet summer and there were leaves falling...I guess autumn really is arriving.

Since we were up in Gaithersburg I dragged my family into The Walnut Tree, which was having a 20% off sale on jewelry. One can never have too many cheap silver Pagan charms, can one? And one's children can never have too many crystals or fossils, can they?

And OH! I forgot to mention! I finally saw Mars! Last night it was finally clear enough for the amateur hobbyist to set up a telescope and get a good look. I've worn glasses for less than a year and I must admit I have not yet gotten the hang of looking through telescopes or binoculars with them on -- how do other people manage?

I had to fold a lot of laundry while my husband took our younger son to soccer, so I made my younger son watch A Midsummer Night's Dream with me. Had forgotten how good the Michael Hoffman production actually is, despite Calista who was not as bad as I remembered. It's very easy for a ten year old to follow and concise and well-paced enough that they don't get bored. And the, someone studied their Hughes and Waterhouse and Rackham and Millais and Parrish and Rossetti. Stunning. And Christian Bale, mmmm.

Since I've pimped Sean and Viggo news today, I might as well link to the very sweet Orlando Bloom GQ article. Ohh those curls.