September 20th, 2003

little review

Waving From The Dark Side

Here I am in lovely Westminster, MD at Ramblin' Pines campground. Why have I decided to go camping, you may ask? Well, it is quite simple. At home, we have no power, no hot water, and it's dangerous to light a propane lantern. Here in Ramblin' Pines (some of which are on the ground, but no matter), there are hot showers and electrical outlets in the buildings and in my in-laws' trailer, and no smell of rotting food on a deck that needs to be raked...again. Plus we can light as many lanterns as we want with no fear of burning down the house. So I am just going to sit on the porch of this here trailer and enjoy the fresh air!

Tomorrow we are supposed to have my son's tenth birthday party at a climbing gym. The gym seems to have power, since their answering machine picked up when we called; however, the county has closed all the parks for soccer and other sports for the weekend. So we really have no idea whether we can hold his party, nor where -- not our house, obviously, as we can't even bake the cake there.

It has now been 48 hours since we lost power and the entire contents of our fridge is a loss. We estimate that we threw out $150 worth of food. However, we are betting my mother loses closer to $500 worth, as she has a basement freezer. We suspect a piece of our 13-year-old wedding cake may be in there someplace. Perhaps this is not a great loss.

ashinae, everywhere I have looked for phone cards I have found either domestic-only or cards with really cheap rates to Asia, but not to Canada! It is a conspiracy to keep us out of touch with Canadians before we become too pro-gay marriage, I am sure. But I am going to find a way to stalk you anyway. Heh.

If you are craving poetry tomorrow, go to the Washington Post web site, click on "Book World" and scroll down for the link to the Poet's Choice column. Or visit and read some Tennyson! Will write back to everyone when I can stay online for a sustained period. Thanks so much for the good wishes.