September 25th, 2003

little review

Poem for Thursday and <lj comm

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wednesday100: Lost and Found, for the lost challenge, because I'm schmoopy that way.

Had long work day yesterday intercut with meeting my mother for what was supposed to be lunch and chores, which ended up being just chores as I had several stops that had to be made at the mall (packages to mail, presents to buy). I didn't eat lunch till after I picked my kids up at 3. Wrote three quick articles, reviewed Enterprise half-asleep...Extinction, at Trek Nation, and I must not have done a half-bad job of it because I have already gotten hate mail about the review, unlike last week when I received no hate mail at all.

And I woke up this morning and realized: I have got to do something about my Friends list. I don't stand a chance of catching up, and that's after less than 24 hours. Okay, so I did spend a bit of time yesterday writing porn and editing fic. That's necessary for my sanity. So are the fic communities I frequent. But even having sworn off RPS, I don't have time to read or comment on things, let alone keep up with everyone's lives.

Am not wasting my time on that "about my LJ" meme everyone is doing, but for some sick reason I wasted my time on this, which is quite true:

You are a casual Legolas fangirl.
Casual: Yeah, you think he's good looking, you
appreciate his skill at killing things but
other than that you don't get that excited.
Perhaps you're a fan of the canon Legolas and
were pleased with his movie incarnation but
you're very laid back about it.
What type of Legolas fangirl are you?
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Finally, a rec stolen from eponis, a series of fake (slashy) Harry Potter advertisements by femmequixotic based on those new HP ads for adults, here.