September 29th, 2003

little review

Poem for Monday and <lj comm

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My internet connection is even wonkier than yesterday. I can't stay on AIM for more than about three minutes at a stretch. Sorry, if you want to talk to me; e-mail please!

How in hell can it be after 11, when I have just gotten through my Friends list and have done not a whit of work yet this morning?

trek100: Cost, for the "joy after betrayal" challenge. Kira/Odo, my absolute all-time-favorite canon Trek couple, maybe my favorite couple ever on television. Though I do still have a soft spot for smutty Winn/Dukat. I don't have to make a "Het: Feel the Power" icon or anything dorky like that, do I, considering that I've always written het and slash in roughly equal measure? Wow, my fic tastes reflect my real-life tastes. Fancy that.

Post-Isabel Potomac River