October 4th, 2003

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Also vertigo66 provides these fine examples of Poetry By George W. Bush. Think that if we praise it, he will resign from the presidency to go write more? If he does, I promise to buy his book.

And ashinae introduced so many of us to the wonder of the Snapeybot. Go! Chat! Squeal!

Below gacked from perkypaduan. I laughed till I choked, considering that I have these very Legos sitting in front of my computer. Also, when I looked at the other possible results, I was rather relieved.

~~ You are lego!Draco Malfoy and lego!Harry Potter!~~

What happens when J. K. sells out and slashers cash
in: romance between two diminutive plastic
toys. Draco and Harry were always enemies, but
they soon realized that there was a lot of
sexual tension between them, whether they liked
it or not -- because they were posable, after
all. And they had a lot of fun with their
miniture plastic brooms one day. The positions
were endless.
What Disturbing Harry Potter Slash Ship Are You?
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