October 21st, 2003

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Bird, Tree, Cemetery, Little Bighorn

The poem's about a burial ground in Britain, much older, but I wanted some sort of grounding visual.

I can't seem to wake up today even though I went to bed at a decent hour and didn't get up outrageously early. Got some work to do but am feeling an overwhelming compulsion to get out of the house for awhile. I think I shall go to Michael's to see if they sell the little marbles that people use in aquariums and floral arrangements; I'm having an urge to make my own set of runes, to see if that makes me feel more connected to them. And as long as I'm up there I might as well stop in the Pagan store and see if they have the new miniature Goddess Tarot deck so I can carry it around and flip through it when I'm uninspired in public.

Have fic to post later that I rather like but I bet no one will read because of the pairing -- Aragorn/Arwen, of all things -- damn but she is difficult to write, even from someone else's POV. Of course Faramir's all over it, anyway. Not that Arwen minds.

Have had interesting fic-based discussions this week about what counts as betrayal of committed relationship/marriage -- sexual desire without love seems to be tolerable, love without sex seems to be admired, but suggest that it's possible to experience both love and desire for someone other than your life partner, and you may suddenly find yourself the target of...not judgment exactly, it's not like the Moral Majority suddenly rearing its ugly head, but the suggestion that you're not really as romantic as someone thought you were. Which is just odd to me. I'm the queen of schmoop and committment and I honestly don't see mutual polyamory as a threat to either. And if I were dead, I would so much rather my spouse remember me fondly forever while in bed with someone else than try to stay celibate forever to honor my memory.

Right, off to shower and get my life in order...