October 25th, 2003

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Poem for Saturday

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1. Who is your favorite animated character? Why?
I have next to no interest in animated characters. I suppose it's Shrek.

2. Who is your favorite television character? Why?
Clark Kent (hah! you thought I was going to say Lex or Lionel, didn't you?) because the constant analogies between growing up gay and growing up a superhero move me in spite of how bad Smallville so often is.

3. Who is your favorite (no longer in production) televison character? Why?
I only get one? Major Kira Nerys. Greatest female character I ever saw on television, flaws and all.

4. Who is your favorite television ensemble cast? Why? (If you don't have one/want to imagine the possibilities, assemble one and explain your choices and the fandoms they are from).
Currently, since there's a distinction drawn in the previous questions between new and old shows, it's probably the West Wing cast, though it's not what it once was and the women's roles irk more more and more. Historically I don't know whether to pick the original Trek cast, the DS9 cast or the Mission: Impossible cast during the Landau-Bain years.

5. Who is your favorite movie character? Why?
I get ONE? No. William Hurt's Valentin in Kiss of the Spider Woman, Glenn Close's Marquise de Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons, John Cassavetes' Phillip in Tempest, Anjelica Huston's Lilly in The Grifters, Katharine Hepburn's Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion In Winter...and I can't even choose among my LOTR favorites. Why? Because they made me rethink my life in some way.

In case I failed to mention it last night in posting ROTK spoiler pics: though I know that LiveJournal has been terrible for my vocabulary, reducing me to gacked and guh and *snerk* on many occasions, I now understand on a visceral level the need for ***SQUEE!***.

And speaking of gacked, from nostalgia_lj, who got the same result, and it is a thing of beauty:

What is Your True Enterprise M/M Slash Shippage?
brought to you by Quizilla

And speaking of Trek I had better go write an article on Viacom's third-quarter profits. Please feign excitement. Thank you very much.

little review


Today after lunch we drove to Frederick County to climb Sugarloaf, an isolated mountain surrounded by farmland. I vaguely remembered hearing that the hurricane winds had been terrible on its summit and that there had been microbursts, but didn't really think about it when we decided to go there.

It took us an hour and a half to hike from the parking lot to the summit because Collapse )

Fall colors from the summit.

It was gorgeous, around 60 degrees, bright and sunny, smelling like falling leaves. My husband's parents had their dog along so I got dragged to the top which was actually rather nice, though a 13-year-old beagle does not make the best sled dog. My younger son had a stick that he was pretending was a rocket launcher, which is not in and of itself a good thing at all, but it did prevent him from getting bored and therefore he did not once demand a piggyback.

Then we went out for Middle Eastern food with my husband's parents after a stop at Target to buy new pants for a certain child who shall remain nameless, following a certain incident that shall also remain nameless. Ah, parenthood.

So I am very full on hummus, saffron rice and kabobs, and quite content.