October 29th, 2003

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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My reading for today (via Arianna's Daily Tarot) says:

Nine of Swords: If you can go back to bed today; do so, if not be prepared for a bit of a rough ride today. It is a day of upset as plans go awry and stress levels are very high. This is a day where nothing seems to go right, you meet up with obstacles on each step you take though there is not much to change things, and you must ride this out. Do not make plans or try to accomplish serious tasks today, it is not a good energy day for completing tasks instead you will find that the obstacles caused by others are just to much to overcome. When plans become impossible just step back today and regroup your thoughts; if you can get through today this could be the catalyst for big changes.

Any reason I should NOT take this to heart? *looks out window* Maybe not. My throat hurts, my head is off and I STILL can't get my body off Daylight Savings Time.