November 4th, 2003

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Sorry I'm late; had some chores to get done this morning and then perkypaduan stopped by on her way out of town. And my kids get out of school in half an hour, and I haven't showered or gotten a word written for work!

I did get my laundry folded last night, and watched Skin which I am really enjoying (every year I get one guilty pleasure and this one has grabbed me so much more than Tarzan -- people praising that show at the expense of other new series just annoy me, can't you people admit you like something without having to run down other people's pleasures?)

So tomorrow the Return of the King photo guides and visual companions come out, and I have to get a bunch of stuff at Target (fortunately next door to B&N) and now I hear the Troy trailer will be shown on Entertainment Tonight. And of course I have to review. I better go get organized.