November 12th, 2003

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Poem for Wednesday

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Had great conferences with my kids' teachers yesterday. My older son had gotten an invitation to apply for a math/science magnet program that we just assumed they sent home to all the kids, or at least all the top-level math kids; turns out they sent it to only two kids in the grade. My younger son is reading two years ahead of his grade and his teachers think he is bright and funny and adorable, which we think too, but we know we are very biased. Also, they thought he was working on grade level in math but then they gave him an evaluation with the objectives for a grade up and he had mastered nearly all of them, even though they hadn't been taught in class.

Major complaints are that they both have terrible handwriting and that they can both frequently be found with their heads in books when they are supposed to be doing other things; also, they have a tendency not to raise their hands before correcting the teachers. They get all of this honestly from me. *g* The math genes, however, come from my husband.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY perkypaduan and sinisterf!!! Entirely gratuitous, gacked from remuslover:

How will Remus Lupin seduce you? by maidenfair
His actionsHe mistakes you for Sirius
OutcomeYou get pregnant
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

HOWL! And SHRIEK! I need to know what to wear! And whether lycanthropy passes from generation to generation, I suppose.

Am going tonight to the local preview of Master and Commander, for which I won a pass from Entertainment Weekly. It's in Georgetown so I get to go out to dinner and go wander around the cool shops first. Darn, will be a day late on my Enterprise review...don't cry.

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