November 13th, 2003

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Horoscope for the day from "Today, don't voice your opinion on any subject, MICHELLE ERICA. If you do, people may reproach you for being an insensitive intellectual who is disconnected from reality. It is very likely that the "Water" atmosphere that reigns today will make you reject anything that is not deeply felt. So, hug the walls, slip out the side door and go home. You will be able to return with calmer spirits later on."

Um! Okay. I have to review Enterprise from last night right now, so this is not a good thing. My Friends list is at -150 and I am giving up or I will never ever get done everything I have to get done in the next several hours. Re: Master and Commander, I will say only that I enjoyed it immensely, it was a teeny bit slow in parts but I can't really think how I would have changed it because I loved that it was not obsessively an action film, Crowe was wonderful, Bettany was wonderful and the two of them together were so wonderful that I will be slashing their characters in my head for the next several months -- they make beautiful music together. *g*

And okay, I am a soon as I found out that I could have five more icons without paying for them, I uploaded five old favorites. Heh. I still don't see how anyone can use 50, though.

POA trailer! SNAAAAAAAAPE! Just had to say that!

If you wrote fic in the past two days I have not read it; have been swamped (yeah, I did write a drabble but when I have to choose between writing and commenting I always choose to write, sorry). Also have about 30 comments and 20 e-mails lying unanswered, Sorry...will try to get to them by tomorrow night!

flesh wound
You're just a flesh wound!! You are the Black
Knight and are extremely stubborn, and think
you always win.
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